Letters To Eloise Book Review*

We're back for another book review! This time, I've been reading Letters To Eloise by Emily WIlliams and you have to go read it now.

#MeetTheBeauties May Roundup

Welcome to #MeetTheBeauties roundup.

Jordanne, Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk has a Blogger Interview series on her blog which showcases new bloggers every Friday! Each month we will have a roundup of all bloggers featured.

My Must Sees

Since it’s now officially revision time, and I'm looking for as many ways to procrastinate as possible, I often choose to lie in bed watching as many films as I want! Or at least as many as possible before I start to panic and cram in a module's worth of revision. So before I go any further, let’s take a second to appreciate that my summer is nearly here! And I’ll be back with my pets in just over a month! Who knows what the plan is at this stage but I’m working on it.

100 Books Before You Die

Well, with revision seemingly taking over my life, I decided to browse online shops for some new books for my shelf/drawer - the most natural thing to do when you just want to throw your laptop out the window without thinking about the Physics behind the damage it would do.

Places To Visit In New York City

I visited New York City last year and it was the most magical place ever. Before I went to New York last year I would have loved to hear about places to visit and places to eat / drink, so I thought I’d create a blog post about places you should most definitely go and visit when travelling to NYC.

Friday Favourites Round Up: April

Hello and welcome back! Can you quite believe we're once again at the end of the month? I can't believe it either! As I'm sure you've guessed, here's a round up of Katie's Friday Favourites posts.

Let's Talk Beauty Blenders - Silicone vs Real Techniques Original

At the moment there is debate over whether the new silicone blender is better than the traditional beauty blender; it's a question I am going to try and answer within this post. The most common beauty blender I know of is made by Real Techniques, however Primark and other brands make their own version too. So I thought, to save you buying one of each yourself and working out the differences, I would test the both of them out for you.

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