Monday, 16 July 2018


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing Monday, Today I'm here with a new Collaborative Project we have going on over on our Bloggerstribe Facebook group. If you want to see what it's all about head on over to 

I'm kicking this Project off with our post spreading some kindness around the blogging community. The idea is we will have people taking part and spreading some kindness around by showing support and love to those in the blogging community they really admire, someone who has maybe helped them or just someone they feel could use this little up lifting positivity. We are aiming to spread some happiness and cheer around the blogging community and using the hashtag #bloggerstribekindnessproject - If you see someone using this hashtag, why not show them some support by liking and engaging with their content. After our Facebook group members have participated in this by our submission date then we will be opening up this hashtag for everyone to use and spread some kindness each day, lets keep the positivity and love flowing. 

Now onto my Spreading The Kindness contribution

I just want to say a huge thank you to Katie who also runs Bloggerstribe with me. Katie has been a source of comfort and love for me recently. I have been going through so much lately, which if you're not familiar with you can head on over to my blog, to have a catch up, But Katie has been there for me in ways I can't even express. When I was feeling my lowest Katie was there, she listened to me, comforted me and really helped me to see the point in life again, She has pulled me out of a huge hole and she really has no idea how much it means to me that she has been there for me and making sure I'm ok. Katie isn't only there for me, Katie is also an amazing pillar of the blogging community, always there to leans a helping hand, someone who can brighten your day and someone who really does genuinely support others.

I thank Katie for all she has done and all she will continue to do. 

Be sure to go and show Katie some love over on her twitter - and why not give her blog a read -

If you want to get involved why not use our hashtag #Bloggerstribekindnessproject to share some happiness today wither it be an appreciation tweet, an Instagram post dedicated to your blogging bestie or even a blog post on kindness. Be sure to use the hashtag if you do so that we can see everyone's wonderful contribution to spreading the kindness and we can share it as well.

Once our Facebook group project has hit it's end date we will be creating a Kindness blogger tag where everyone can take part, tagging people and sharing their kindness blog posts.

Be sure to join our Facebook group for exclusive collaboration projects and more - 


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