Sunday, 15 July 2018

Accounts that RT - Updated

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you are all having a fantastic day. Today I am here to share the love to all of those retweet accounts out there who help us spread our content far and wide! Running a retweet account really is time consuming to say the least but I wouldn't change it for the world now! 

Over the past year I have personally noticed a shift in Retweet accounts, there's a lot of my old time favourites from when I first started blogging that aren't around anymore and that breaks my heart so I wanted to do an updated list of the retweet accounts that I personally know about and the ones who have been shared with us. I've linked straight to their twitter pages so you can click though and included wither they retweet with a mention or using the hashtag. 

If you have a RT account that you would like added to this page then just get in touch!

@Bloggerstribe - Use hashtag #Bloggerstribe 

@allthoseblogs - Tag @althoseblogs

@lazyblogging - Tah @lazyblogging

@thebloggersknot - Tag or use #bloggersknot 

@littleblogrts - Use hashtag #littleblogrt 

@bloggerclan - Use hashtag #bloggerclan 

@PLBChat - Tag @PLBChat

@bloggerLS - Use Hashtag #bloggerLoveShare 

@bloggerkindUse Hashtag #bloggerkind 

@lovingblogs - Tag @lovingblogs 

@bloglove2018Use hashtag #bloglove2018rt 

@bestblogRT - Tag @bestblogRT

@Cbeechat - Use hashtag #Beechat 

@Teacupclub - Use hashtag #Teacupclub

@influencer_rt - Use hashtag #influencerrt 

@BloggersHut - Tag & Use hashtag #BloggersHutRT

@BBlogRT - Tag or use hashtag #BBlogRT

@goddessblogRT - Tag @goddessblogRT

@FemaleBloggerRT - Tag @FemaleBloggersRT

@bloggingbeesrt - Use hashtag #bloggingbeesrt

@bliss_bloggers - Tag or use hashtag #blissbloggers

@btravelblogs - Use hashtag #BTravelBloggers 

@BlogNetwork_ - Use hashtag #TheBlogNetwork

@ThePinkPAGES_ - Doesn't say on Bio, I assume tag? 

@BB_Bloggers - Tag @BB_Bloggers

@MissionRT - Tag @MissionRT

@NewbiesWhoBlog - Use hashtag #newbieswhoblog

@UKBloggers1 - Tag @Ukbloggers1

@UKBlogRT - Tag @ukblogrt

@bloggeroppsrt - Tag @bloggeroppsrt

@BloggersInTheUK - Tag or use hashtag #bloggersintheuk

@GRLSWhoCreate -  Tag or use hashtag #GWBChat

@blogginggals - Use hashtag #blogginggals

@theclique_uk - Use hashtag #TheClqRT 

@BloggerVue - Tag @BloggerVue - Must be following them

@Millennialgals - Use hashtag #millenialshub 

@goldenblogsrt - Tag or use #GoldenblogsRT

@QualityBlogRT - Tag or use #qualityblogrt

@MondayBlogs - Not entierly sure but this is their Bio "Share posts, RT others! Hashtag est. & registered by #bestselling author @RachelintheOC. RULES: Mon only, NO BOOK PROMO, NO porn. We reserve the right to NOT RT"


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  1. Thank you Jordanne! These are great! I will now conquer Twitter, hehehe!


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