Tuesday, 31 October 2017

BloggersTribe Christmas Plans

Hello lovely people! We hope you are all doing well and are excited about Christmas!! It's not long till we all get to decorate our houses, put on our Christmas jumpers and blast those festive songs through out the place! It's such an exciting time and we just wanted to share with you all our Christmas plans because why not!

Over the last few weeks Claire, Katie and I have been putting our heads together to plan some awesome festive plans for BloggersTribe. It's been really exciting thinking of things to bring to you all and if I am being completely honest we could have went daft with it but we have reigned it in a bit (as much as we didn't want to) and have come up with some things we think you will all like (We hope!) and we want YOU to get involved this year. 

We will hosting a Bloggers Blogmas Here on the BloggersTribe blog, filled with posts from you lovely lot & putting some in ourselves. On the 1st of December we will be hosting our Christmas Giveaway... WE CAN'T wait! It will run from the 1st December until December 23rd and we will announce the winner during our Count down to Christmas on the 24th. 

If you would like to get involved with our Blogmas then please email Katie at Bloggerstribe@gmail.com Katie is in charge of all that this year and she is doing an AMAZING job at it, even if we did have a hiccup where all our emails were deleted but we are pushing through. 

As you may know we have our BloggersTribe chat on a Sunday at 7pm BST and throughout December these chats will be festive themed, so please join in and keep the Christmas cheer up! As well as our chats we will be introducing Movie nights on the 3rd, 10th & 17th December at 7pm BST. The movie announcements are yet to come because we want YOU to choose. Expect some polls throughout November to help up pick 3 Christmas movies to watch. We will also be having a Special 3 Hour chat on the 23rd of December where we will all take an hour each to chat with you lovely lot, We really cannot wait to chat away, it's our favourite thing. 

Every week we will also be putting out some Christmas questions where you can answer them and if you're ok with it, we will feature your answer in a blog post of the week. We will also be having a Christmas quiz of sorts over on our Facebook Group, if you haven't joined it yet then just click >> HERE << and come join in with all the fun. 

We really do have so many ideas for November and December and we cannot wait to show them all to you. Below is a graphic which has all the information on it to keep track of what's happening and when. We hope that you can join in as much as possible and help us spread some festive cheer. 


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  1. This has made me feel so festive! Cant wait to get involved in everything planned!- https://sophiehearts.net x


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