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#WhyIStartedBlogging Vol.8

Hello Lovely people, Welcome back to our new series called #WhyIstartedblogging which will feature three different bloggers each time. We love getting to know why people started blogging and what it means to them so we hope you enjoy the read.

This week we have Josh, Sophie & Hena.

We hope you enjoy reading this because we sure did, We love to read about other bloggers, finding out what blogging means to them.


Why did you start Blogging?

I started blogging just over a year ago. I was in my final year at uni and I found it way too stressful and I was getting down a lot. A friend of mine said that I should try blogging because it helped her a lot when she used to blog so I gave it a go. I guess it was simply to give me something else to do instead of worry about university and all of that kind of stuff. But blogging just to get away from uni got super hard at points to write things. I mean when you’re having a rough time as a student and all you’ve done is sit in bed and eat pizza on the day you’re suppose to post something that people would want to read, it gets super hard. Also, for a long time I had an audience of like 12 people and I’m pretty sure one of them was my mum (mum if you are reading this, thanks for being a fan :p). That made it really hard to write things because it felt like no one was interested. Again, I find it quite hard being a male blogger. Especially when I was starting out. A lot of blogs I follow do make up hauls and reviews and it works for them. I think however if I did a make up review it wouldn’t be that great... But now, and I’ve said this in a post before, I think I blog because I like telling stories. I like to think that my life is quite interesting. There is a lot that I’ve been through and I hope that some of the things I have to say could help some people some day. I also use my blog as a kind of diary and I have started to care less about that statistics of my posts. I’m super open about a lot of things because in the future if/when I look back at what I’ve written I want to remember the people that I’ve written about or the places I was while writing. All the things worth remembering are worth writing about I think!

What does Blogging mean to you?

To me, blogging means I have a chance to say what I think on a lot of topics. In my blog I’ve spoken about bullying, masculinity, relationships and girls (probably more about relationships and girls than I should have). If something has annoyed me too I will rant about it as a way to clear my mind so I can focus on the important things in my life. It also means a chance to try and help people who need it. I’m pretty sure I wrote a post a while ago about my childhood and it was quite difficult. I was really sick a lot when I was younger and I got bullied so badly and I kind of want to turn around and say to people that life will suck at some points and you may get bullied and you might get sick or you might not know what you want to do but you can get through this. I also think that’s why I finish every post with Love you, Bye! Probably the most important meaning I get from it is blogging is a way to share my story with so many people who may or may not be interested. There’s a project I’m planning at the moment that will focus on what it is like to be a male trainee primary teacher because not a lot of blokes go for that job so I thought it would be quite cool to share the experience.



Why did you start blogging?

I had such a love for fashion but no one to share it with. I took to searching online and found fashion bloggers who shared their styles and looks and were so creative and inspiring. I never knew such a platform existed and straight away I became hooked. After following about a dozen blogs vigorously for two years or so, I decided to bite the bullet and start my own. I was absolutely terrified, but it was something I just knew I had to go for. I was working full time and doing a make-up course in my spare time, but gave up the make-up course so I could focus on the blog. It was a risk and it meant giving up something I'd paid a lot of money for but I hoped the decision would pay off and thankfully, four years later I'm still blogging and mostly loving every moment. I left my job last year to pursue a career in blogging and complete my first novel. Hopefully one day both can be my full time career, it's definitely my biggest goal to work towards.

What does blogging mean to you?

Blogging gives me the freedom and motivation to express myself in so many amazing ways, especially when it comes down to fashion. As a fashion blogger I've gained so much confidence through trying out different styles and finding my niche with colourful, out there looks that I'd probably not have had the nerve to try without my blog and the support of fellow bloggers. Blogging means any idea is a possibility and any dream a reality. I love dreaming up new ideas for posts, shooting fashion looks, hearing people's comments and connecting and chatting to fellow bloggers. There's something so exciting about always being on the lookout for new ideas, new ways to inspire people, new ways to share your vision with the online world. My fashion blog has really shaped who I am as a person, it's changed my style and persona completely. I've found so many bloggers and a few lifelong friends through the blog who I'll cherish forever. I love that blogging has given me the courage to finally find myself and be the person I was always destined to be.

Why did you start blogging?

I am from Science background and I love everything about science. I used to be the one in my group who would be explaining everyone about how and why things happen in a particular way. I have helped in busting off so many myths. This made me think that if I could be of help to a small group, I could be of help to large number of people. With this intention I started blogging. And thus was born 'Science & Samosa'.

What does Blogging mean to you?

Blogging is a way for me to connect with the 'Big world'. I love to write and blogging has given me a way to express my thoughts and share my knowledge. I treat my Blog page as my own Baby.


We hope you enjoyed reading about why Josh, Sophie & Hena started blogging and hat blogging means to them! We loved reading their answers, that's for sure. If you would life to be part of our blog series, #whyIstartedblogging then just drop us an email at

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  1. I agree! A love of fashion but no one to share it with! Definitely one of the main reasons why I also started blogging all that time ago. Loved this post keep up the good work


  2. Ooh thanks for introducing us to these bloggers! Shall definitely have to check them out. I love this idea!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  3. I love reading their answers. 😍 makes me want to send my own answers too. ❣️


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