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Places To Visit In New York City

I visited New York City last year and it was the most magical place ever. Before I went to New York last year I would have loved to hear about places to visit and places to eat / drink, so I thought I’d create a blog post about places you should most definitely go and visit when travelling to NYC.

I only visited New York for 5 days so I could only experience selective attractions but I managed to fit a lot in. If you are planning on visiting New York or want some tips on what to do while you are in NYC, this blog post is great for you to read!

 NYC Attractions to Visit

Grand Central Station

This is a very famous railroad terminal just near Times Square, in midtown Manhattan. You will recognize this attraction if you have ever watched Gossip Girl (GG), it’s in the very first scene! The minute I stepped into Grand Central Station I was so speechless and I felt like the world stopped – it literally feels like another world and everyone’s in their own world. Its magical. It’s a huge place, so sometimes we lost our way but make sure you spend a lot of time here & definitely go to the food court. Underground is a variety of eateries, including; fast foods, delis, an oyster bar, bakeries, gourmets, and a fresh food market.

When I visited I ate at one of the fast food restaurants and the food was incredible, proper American Diner kind of food! The walk from Grand Central Station to Times Square isn’t long at all, literally ten minutes – I would visit Times Square while you are there.

Times Square

I was lucky enough to be able to have a hotel in Times Square, opposite Madison Square Gardens called Hotel Pennsylvania! In my opinion this is the life and soul of the city. I found it extraordinary that even when it was pitch black at night, I felt like daylight from the lights coming from the Times Square screens. People often call NYC ‘the city that never sleeps’ – not until I was there did I realise the reality behind this saying. Bright lights and late night shopping ALL the time makes the city come alive at night!
You can spend hours on end in Times Square, there is so much to do – whether its eating, shopping or even more shopping! The food can be relatively expensive but you pay for what you get, the quality is that good! However, delis and supermarkets are on EVERY corner so you can always buy cheaper sandwiches when you don’t want a big meal. 

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café restaurants are all around different cities so you might have already been to one! Even if you never have the chance to go to New York, visit a Hard Rock Café. The atmosphere is incredible, even better the food is so lush. Again, it’s basically an American Diner which has a rock / jazz atmosphere.

Central Park

Central Park is a beautiful day out, I’m pretty sure you would've heard of it? It’s a very famous location in NYC. Again, a lot of movies are filmed here like; Home Alone 2, Gossip Girl and loads more movies! You can easily make a long day out of visiting Central Park, obviously, it has the most fabulous scenery, Horse and Carriage Tours, the famous Ice Staking Ring, Bike Rental, Attractions and a Zoo! What else could you ask for?!
I visited on my last day so I couldn’t stay that long – looking back I wish I could have stayed all day! What a beautiful place. 

9 / 11 Memorial

I am speechless. Only a few words I can use to describe the place which has been converted into a memorial for the Twin Towers victims. Being one of the most tragic events in the world, the atmosphere when being there is incredible. Almost feels like a community coming together to pay their respects to those people who lost their lives back in 2001.

This is one place in New York you must visit, it’s a huge place and you can easily spend a while walking around and taking it all in. While you visit, you can attend the museum which is just next to memorial. I didn’t have chance to visit the museum but when I go back I definitely will visit it.

Not far from the 9/11 memorial you can take the ferry across to visit the Statue of Liberty! A very famous landmark – which I really regret not being able to do! When I visit again, I will go and see the Statue of Liberty!

Brooklyn Bridge

This was my favourite place we visited – even though it's only just a bridge, the view and the attractions on the bridge are all incredible! Again, this bridge is very famous and you often see it featured in movies! You have Brooklyn one side and Manhattan the other side, it’s truly incredible!

When I visited Brooklyn Bridge I saw a lot of people selling items, which were mostly paintings and self-portraits. It took us a while to walk up (even though we only walked half the bridge) because of how much there is to see and take in.

TIP: When visiting Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan walk to the middle of the bridge and turn around. My god it is the most magnificent view ever – I can’t describe in words how beautiful and big Manhattan looks.

Rockefeller Centre

Have you ever seen photos of New York, which look like they are taken from the sky?! Well there is a building called Rockefeller Centre which is the centre of Midtown Manhattan. It is a very special building with 19 FLOORS!! Oh my god, the lift was so scary and fast! It brings you out at the top of the building, where you see the view of New York literally from the clouds!

It’s incredible, as the building is pretty much higher than any other you can literally see everything – you can walk around the whole top floor so you can see every angle! If you fear heights, they do each view on different floors. One of the floors has a brick wall going around so you feel very secure, however one of the other floors is literally made from glass!! This is slightly scarier! However, either way it’s an experience you will never forget and I would recommend everyone to go and visit the Rockefeller Centre. 

Fairy Tale Museum

If you are fashionista like me, one of my favourite places we visited was in fact the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology.) They had a fabulous Fairy Tale museum.
Characters from so many fairy tales have been made using the most beautiful fabric and embellishment – to recreate the story of each fairy-tale. All the garments were made with the most beautiful diamonds and the shoe designs were so incredibly different. It’s such a magical place and you really should visit.

Hope this blog post comes in handy when visiting NYC! Have you ever any of these places in New York? If so, what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you think! 

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