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How To Apply Hair Masks – The Right Way

Now you are thinking: ‘What’s so complicated about hair masks? The instructions are on the bottle!
Are you sure those are the right instructions? Are you sure you are getting the most out of your hair mask?

I still remember the first time I applied a hair mask. I read the bottle. I washed my hair. I opened the bottle. I put my wet hand inside the bottle to scoop a random amount. I applied it. Waited. Rinsed.

And I was so happy because my hair felt silky smooth.

Many years later (and I mean many), I found out this is not the right way to apply hair mask. Here’s why:

  1. When you apply a mask in your dripping wet hair, the hair won’t have the capacity to really benefit from the mask’s ingredients. There’s too much water and it dillutes the formula. What a waste of product.
  2. So your hand is wet and you just put it into the bottle? Well done! This is the right way to ruin your mask and you can even expect the growth of bacteria/fungus. Yup, not good.
  3. If you follow the instructions thoroughly and leave the mask only for the time indicated on the bottle, it is in fact - again - a waste of product. There is not enough time to let the nutrients get into your hair.

For all of the above, and for the sake of the health of our hair, here is how I do it on my hair and works wonders:

  • You need to wash your hair. This step is absolutely correct. You need to get rid of products from the previous wash or styling products because you want your hair to absorbe all the good stuff on the mask. I usually shampoo my hair twice to ensure it is absolutely clean.
  • Pat dry your hair with a towel. You need to remove the excess water. The hair has to be damp, not dripping. This way the hair mask will penetrate your hair more easily and won’t be competing with so much water.
  • Section your hair. Some people suggest taking small strands of hair at a time, but I part my hair in four sections.
  • With a spatula (or even a plastic spoon – I’ve done that), not your hands (you don’t want to contaminate your mask with bacteria or add water to it – remember the fungus), scoop a small amount of product from the bottle and apply it on each section.
  • Avoid your roots (unless specified in the bottle that you can use it on the roots), since it can clog your follicles and nobody wants that for sure.
  • After applying the mask on each section of hair, wrap it in a bun (you can gently comb it with your fingers or with a wide-toothed comb if you prefer – but very gently, you don’t want to break hair), and cover with a shower cap or a towel.
  • Now, the big surprise: wait for 30 minutes. Yes, thirty. Not two or three as seen on the bottle.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Now you’re done.

Enjoy your wonderfully silky smooth hair!​

If you follow these steps you’ll get the most out of your favourite hair masks and you will surely notice the difference on your beautiful hair!
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