Thursday, 9 March 2017

Uni - Is It The Be All And End All?

In a lot of schools and colleges, if you don't start applying for university, or even considering it, you're done. That school has no time for you. In my school, if you weren't looking to go to university, you were asked why you bothered coming back for your A Levels; you were taking a place in the school that could have been given to someone who actually wanted to get to tertiary education. 

Luckily I was one of the people who always dreamt of going to university. As young as 5 years old, I wanted to be a teacher in front of a classroom, and I knew that meant I had to go to university - the big big big girls school that seemed a lifetime away. I blinked, and next thing I knew I was 17 years old and looking through multiple prospectuses to see what they were looking for. Every university I looked at wanted an essay based subject at A Level - perfect! I was studying History and loved the subject, even got an A* at GCSE! We sat our AS Level exams and then my teacher plan was ruined. I got a D. School wouldn't allow me to resit the papers, nor would they let me continue the course, and so that was the end of me studying 4 A Levels and going into teaching. I had then 2 months to change my mind and see what else I would like to do. The advice given was pick any subject you enjoy, get a degree in it, then do a post graduate certificate of education (PGCE). Because of that delightful advice, I've ended up studying Physics. Ugh. I hate it. And that's where this post is coming from. Is university really all it's cracked up to be?


Okay so in first year we had a group of 20 of us who were friends. There was a massive group chat for organising days and nights out, but outside of that there were only a few people you chatted to daily. For me, two of the my closest friends happened to only be over for a semester before they went back to The States. Now, in my third year of uni life, I have my three flatmates (friends from first year) and really only one friend I see on a regular basis. But that's okay! Whether you have one friend or 101, it doesn't matter as long as you have someone to go to when you need them.

Flat Trip to Disneyland Paris!

Nights Out:

Again, first year is different to other years, but the main thing here is that these calm down as the years go on. They aren't as wild as you expect. Pre-drinks become 'come round for drinks' and from there they progress to coming round for coffee or dinner. No one has the time to deal with the hangover the next day! You soon realise that your student loan isn't able to keep you covered for rent, food, bills, societies, and drinking every week. It just isn't possible! The cheap clubs with no entry or low priced drinks are like that for a reason - no one wants to go to them. I know of a club that a friend has apparently seen two people going at it on the dance floor. Just.... no! Why??

Night out! Photo taken by photographer at The Garage 6th February 2015

Student Loan:

It first comes in and you start celebrating - you're rich! Then rent comes out. Then bills. Then you have a wild weekend of takeaways (because who wants to cook when they're rich?) and drinking and all sorts of fun with friends. You look at your bank account two days later and realise you now have £30 for the next four weeks.... oops. I could have a proper rant about student loans and how unfair they are, but I'll save that for another time. Instead, I'll leave it at these are mysterious little buggers that come in one day and are gone the next, leaving you scratching your head in amazement that you never even had the chance to replace your favourite jeans. 

Counting pennies...

The Work Load:

Okay yeah this one changes according to your course. But it's recommended to us that we spend approximately 40 hours of our week studying. This should be easy, right? And it is! Because you could spend those 40 hours trying to figure out where in your notes it tells you how to do question 2 of a 30 question piece of coursework. Say goodbye to sleep if you want to reach those deadlines!

Working against the clock to get coursework done on time...


I was so excited for university - I wouldn't have to get up until 8am! Considering I got up for school at 6am, this was extremely exciting - I wasn't going to be constantly tired anymore! How wrong was I? You're awake to all hours. Whether it's working on university work, out with friends, in with friends, or in on your own watching Netflix. You don't get the half terms or the exceptional closure days you used to dream of. Yeah sure summer is super long but you're meant to be working in a part time job to pay off your overdraft or credit card bills that you built up during the year. In the end, you skip your morning classes, just to enjoy those extra couple of hours in bed; only now you've to catch up on that work tonight so you're up late again! It's a never ending cycle really.

You soon learn to sleep anywhere and everywhere

But for all my complaints, I wouldn't have it any other way. If it wasn't for coming to Glasgow and studying physics, I wouldn't have become friends with the incredible people I've met. Who knows where my blog would be, or what I would be doing. 


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