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Oatifix Fresh Face Mask by Lush Review

Hello all you beautiful people out there!

Today I wanted to share with you all my Review on a fantastic little Fresh Face mask from Lush, Oatifix. This post originally appeared on my Blog, on 30th June 2016 but I just wanted to bring it back because this is a face mask that I LOVE!

From 30th June 2016-  A few weeks ago I traded in my 5 empties which is where you take 5 full sized (cleaned out) pots to your nearest lush store and trade them in for a fresh face mask. I went into the store with intentions of maybe picking up BB seaweed but once I got into the store and had a chat with the skin care expert. After talking to her for a bit I decided to go with Oatifix because of all the calming ingredients used in this mask. I have been having bad break outs lately and I mean BAD break outs so I was on the lookout for something to sooth my skin and not cause irritation and with the fresh banana plus illipe butter, it's the perfect combination to try sooth my always irritated face, once I traded in the pits and was handed my new face mask, I just couldn't wait to get home that night and try it out, I always love a good lush product. 

This face mask smells amazing, like I mean, amazing. I seriously wish I could eat this face mask, it's scent is very fresh and uplifting which makes me want to use it on my face even more. Because it's made up of oatmeal and ground almond, this acts as a mild exfoliator to lift any dead skin that's lurking around on your face, leaving it soft and hydrated. One thing I will say for this mask though is the consistency isn't the best, it's not easy to apply and it falls everywhere, making such a mess which isn't great but I can work with it I suppose, especially when my face feels like heaven once I've used it. So far so good. The face mask works great on my skin, I didn't have any irritation of the skin what so ever which made me jump for joy because I seemed to be having no luck with face masks for a while there. for me this face mask left my skin feeling amazing, I honestly have no qualms with it what so ever, I even noticed that my skin "glowed" for a few hours after use. 

I would highly recommend this face mask to anyone with dry skin that needs some uplifting. It can bring it back from the brink of giving up, trust me. Before using oatifix my skin was dull and breaking out like mad! and now that I have been using the mask twice a week I can feel my skin getting softer plus it isn't as red as it used to be. I feel like I have found my skin savior, I mean, I still get breakouts but I didn't expect this face mask to be a miracle worker, its just a bit of a superhero. 

What Lush say:
"This gentle, nourishing mask is made with fresh bananas and illipe butter to moisturise dry skin. Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin work together in a mildly exfoliating base to eradicate dead skin, leaving you soft, supple and moisturised. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes and let the ingredients get to work before washing off gently with warm water."



Do you have a favourite face mask? If so, what is it? 


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