Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Reflection Time

So January has come to an end, and as always I sat down to reflect on the month while looking to the month ahead. Let's face it, we all had some great expectations for 2017! So have the last 31 days lived up to expectations?

The year started with me walking up in a friend's house, in a small Scottish town I had never been to before - I was already achieving one goal of seeing more of the UK! Sherlock was on to welcome in the new year (I still need to see the last episode...), and I was happy. I spent a week back home in Northern Ireland with my family, before travelling back to Glasgow to officially start the new university year - this was going to be my year. That first day back in Glasgow was a decent day, but the night was hard. I lost a few good friends through an argument that came from nowhere, but it taught me who I could actually trust. However, that night also was the start of something new and exciting -  I was going to join Jordanne in building up Blogger's Tribe and we were going to work together to create a community for everyone!

That week was jam-packed with things. I had a friend over for dinner one night, went out for dinner the next, started two new courses in university, Another friend came round for coffee, and we went for a night out that weekend - one which resulted in me putting my foot down on a plastic cup and falling on my bum in front of a room full of strangers. Do you know the best part? I was laughing too much to get back up again! I was home and things were going well. My results came in from exams and while they weren't fantastic, at least I had passed them!

The following week was a quieter one, but still fun all the same. I went to classes, stayed on top of things, and spent some time around the flat. We went to the cinema to see LaLa Land, I went to the gym for the first time in ages, and finished my Friday rather drunk on a mini pub crawl around the west end of Glasgow. Sometimes you just need to cut loose and remember to have fun though, right? And Blogger's Tribe reached 1000 followers on Twitter!

Finally, the weekend came and we had a birthday party. Drinks, dancing, and lots of fun was had. Well, except for the part where 12 out of 16 of us didn't get into the local LGBTQ+ club simply for being straight but that's an argument for another time. Saturday was an incredible day with the ever amazing Jordanne, and her little guy, just in and out of shops around Glasgow. Sunday was then a day of cleaning and organising, before back to the grind stone on Monday and Tuesday.

So it was a busy enough month! Not too busy for goals though. This month I had 6 main goals:

  • Go to all my classes
  • Keep on top of work
  • read one book
  • Live in a clean and tidy room
  • Make some new friends
  • Organise my blog
  • Make a weight loss plan and stick to it.

I didn't get to all my classes, but I only missed 4 out of the 51 classes this month! That's a reasonable amount isn't it? But I did manage to keep on top of my work! I read one full book, managed to live in a reasonably clean and tidy room, and organised my blog. I didn't make new friends, and I didn't manage to stick to the weight loss plan I created. But either way I lost a pound! It's not much, but it's a start, and that's what 2017 is about for me - making a start on things that matter to me. Not to someone else.

Do you make goals? Or do you not believe in setting monthly goals?


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  1. This was so much fun to read. You have inspired me to add a monthly roundup to my website. Thank you.


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