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Top 5 Hair Care Products

When it comes to hair care I don't take it lightly, my hair has been in some horrible conditions, mainly when I was younger from bleaching it, dying it new and exciting colours like candy floss pink, turquoise, bright orange and many more that I won't go into... my hair was a mess. One day I seen the light and decided no more, I wanted long, healthy, happy hair so I started to learn as much about hair care as I could. Now a days I find myself pining over the latest products such as olaplex and intensive repair masks but I can't always afford to buy them so I have found myself always going back to my trusty top 5 hair care products that leave me feeling fabulous! And today I wanted to tell you about them because they really are staple pieces in my hair care routine.

H'Suan Wen Hua is my got to hair treatment because it does wonders for my hair. It's full of protein to really help nourish your hair. There's free range eggs, Fresh banana and avocados. All these products are right in protein and oils to deeply moisturise your hair, soften it and really leave you feeling like you have emerged a new person! There are so many different benefits to this hair treatment and that's why I LOVE IT! For my full review on this product please see *Here*

Heat is such a terrible thing for your hair, it causes so much damage yet a lot of people don't think twice about it. We can't always leave our hair to dry naturally, I get that but we shouldn't use heat as much as we do, so how do we combat that? HEAT DEFENSE SPRAY! It does wonders for your hair, it really does. Make sure you coat the ends of your hair in it, as well as the rest of your hair but the ends of your hair are more susceptible to damage. Any heat defense spray is great, as long as you use one. If you don't believe it works try this; Spray some on one hand and not on the other, point your hair dryer to each one and feel the difference, the one with the heat defense spray won't heat as fast. 

Because I colour my hair, I always try to use products that are specifically for colour treated hair, just to keep it looking bright and healthy. One of my most favorite products is the "Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque" What I particularly like about this Colour Masque is that my hair always feel silky smooth after every use, I can always count on this to give my hair a nice little boost between hair treatments. 

Essential oils are amazing for your hair, they really do put some well needed nutrients into your hair. Jojoba oil is the closest one to the sebum your skin naturally produces so it's amazing for your hair, skin and nails. Argan oil is perfect for when your hair really needs some TLC, it acts as a natural heat defence and it's an intensive repair treatment.

This might sound like an odd one to some of you but I swear by baby shampoo! I particularly like the Johnsons bedtime shampoo because my hair smells great afterwards. The reason I use baby shampoo is that there are no harsh chemicals, its very gentle to hair because it's made for babies and children. I feel that when I use this shampoo my hair always feels a lot cleaner this removes a lot of product build up better than my normal shampoo. This has been debated though because baby shampoo uses amphoteric surfactants and it's said that they don’t foam as well as sulfates and that they aren't as good at removing product buildup, However I don't find that at all, I find that my hair feels a lot cleaner once I have used baby shampoo. I don't use this all the time though, maybe once every two weeks? Just because I have shampoos that contain Keratin which is amazing for hair but when I need to rid my hair of product build up and don't want to use anything too harsh on my , I opt for baby shampoo.

So there you have it, my top 5 hair products that I go back to time and time again. These products really help me keep my hair in good condition.

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