Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My Top Netflix Shows

Okay, so we're all aware that the newly made A Series of Unfortunate Events hit Netflix on Friday 13th January. Some people loved it, others hated it, and some people (myself included) just put it on so they could say they'd watched it.

Now don't get me wrong, it was a light watch! And having never read the books, I don't actually know the story at all - so I can't compare it to that! However, I found myself getting distracted by other series and films on Netflix UK recently and thought: why not share them with you?

Designated Survivor
Currently only one series, this is a brilliant series showing what would happen if the US government were attacked during the State of the Union address. Kiefer Sutherland (24, The Lost Boys, Phone Booth) stars as Tom Kirkman, a politician so low in the pecking order that the majority of the White House's West Wing don't even know his name, who is suddenly thrust into the position of President of the United States. Definitely one of my favourite series to date, probably because it somehow reminds me of the incredible West Wing which isn't on Netflix and that makes me sad.

- if you've watched and enjoyed Designated Survivor, you may like House of Cards or American Odyssey

Anyone who disagrees that Sherlock is one of the best things to ever happen to the BBC can stay very quiet right now. Yes, there are only three episodes a series, and each series is shown years apart, BUT it is still one of the greatest shows as it draws you in to watch. Hopefully the most recent series will be up on Netflix soon!

Pretty Little Liars
Okay so I think nearly everyone I know has at least heard of PLL but for anyone who doesn't - a group of friends start receiving anonymous messages from someone who seems to be out to get them. Could it be someone pretending to be their dead friend?
I was addicted to this show over the summer months, and cannot wait for it to come back again! So sad that it's going to be the last series.

The Crown
Starting just after Elizabeth marries Phillip, this is a great series looking at the lives of the British monarchy at the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II. Set for another 5 seasons, this is a must see for everyone - even the people against the monarchy! I cannot stress enough how much I loved this series, in fact I finished it in two days!

All about MI5, this series has multiple seasons and I still cry at just the thought of the last ever episode. Following multiple different Alphas throughout the years, join the team as they fight to save the UK from attacks from all different kinds of problems.
I actually first watched this when it was live on the BBC and I adored every minute of it! 

Who doesn't love to watch other people struggle through life? Meet the Brockmans - Pete, Sue, Jake, Ben and Karen - a normal family struggling with life as we all do. The kids are hilarious, and watching the scenes just reminded me of my cousins so much that I couldn't help but love it. Watch the kids grow up in front of you, and feel like proud parents when they manage to pull everything off by the end of the episode. An interesting piece of trivia for you - while the kids were told the basis of each scene, they were allowed to use their own lines as long as they followed the theme of the scene. Watch out for the moments when the parents look genuinely confused or shocked by what they've just heard!

Ah Hustle, my favourite TV series for years. In fact, I was devastated when Robert Vaughn passed away towards the end of 2016 and didn't get a quarter of the media coverage he deserved due to other people dying. But Hustle is all about a team of con-men and women working the con throughout London. Each episode has twists and turns that even the wisest of us wouldn't foresee! Be prepared for a good laugh.

So, have I missed any of your favourites? I could've gone on and on for ages about all the series I love that are on Netflix at the minute, but you would get bored very quickly!


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