Friday, 13 January 2017

Behind Bloggers Tribe

Hello all you beautiful people out there! 

Have you ever had a vision, an idea in your head where you want to create something that will help others, those in the same position as you? Well I have. 
Seeing all these amazing communities online where people can share their content and connect with other bloggers made me so happy to see! I love anything to do with positivity and helping others, so, BloggersTribe was born! 

I wanted to create a platform for others to share their content, where their posts can get RT and get more traffic to their sites because let's face it, sometimes that can be really hard! I wanted to create a place where bloggers and other social media influencers could connect, talk, get to know one another and feel like they had a community that is there to support them with whatever they need, whether it be needing an answer to a question, help with design, working with brands info and more!

Since I started BloggersTribe back in 2015  I have had high hopes for it, So many ideas running through my head of where I wanted it to go and what I wanted to achieve with it but then I had a lot of setbacks due to time, running my own blog, having deadlines, being a mother and much more! So BloggersTribe was put on the back burner a little until late 2016 where I decided NO! I WILL do something with it and start putting ideas into motion, creating what I want and taking this further. I have a few ideas that I eventually want to come to life so I am slowly building up to it. I have always wanted to take BloggersTribe further than Twitter, expanding out to Instagram and the blogging community so what better way to do that than have a blog/website that can really help with spreading content etc... 

I should probably mention at this stage that I am Jordanne, and I am on twitter at @ofaglasgowgirl 
I tried so long to run BloggersTribe on my own but when you have a busy lifestyle a lot can get in the way so I really needed to look into having more people come aboard, that's where Katie comes in!!

Part of the new "Launch" so to speak of BloggersTribe for 2017, Katie,, Her twitter is @kvburton657 Came aboard! I was looking to announce this round about february, the news that I will have some help on the account but due to some recent developments Katie was able to come aboard FULL TIME! and run this account along side me rather than just helping out now and again. I am so pleased to be going through this crazy ride with her because I know that she is amazing, will do absolutely amazing with the account and I know I can trust her with my life.

BloggersTribe is here to help YOU! To be part of the blogging community, spreading positivity where ever possible! We want to create somewhere that everyone can be a part of it, share, learn and connect.  We hope you join us with this amazing ride through life.


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