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Are you looking to promote your brand? Like working with bloggers who will get the word out about your products? then why not work with us. We offer an array of services like Product reviews, Promotion, Sponsored posts, Ad's, Blogger outreach & More.

We also have a Media Kit Available for anyone interested

Just send us an email to

Here's some things you may like to know;

DA - 19
Twitter following - 7,260+
Instagram following - 870+
Facebook Group members - 450+

A little bit about us;

BloggersTribe was created by Jordanne (@Ofaglasgowgirl) in 2015 to help Bloggers/Vloggers/Influesncers etc... Grow. Although we have the name BloggersTribe we aim to support everyone within the twitter community. Early 2017 seen the arrival of Katie (@Kvburton657) who has helped BloggersTribe excel within the community. A few months later Claire (@Thatmummarocks) joined the team and since then things have been getting better and better. With the introduction of our Facebook group we have helped many people gain engagement on their content from views increasing to more comments.

In helping others it has gave us a platform where we can share, promote and help brands get more engagement. 

We offer sponsored/Paid posts but on the basis that it fits our blog, We will turn down opportunities if We feel that they aren't a good fit for us  but we are open to new and exciting ideas. We are 100% honest in all our posts and we don't accept pre-written content under any circumstances. If you are interested in working with BloggersTribe you can email us at

We have hosted a number of giveaways on a brands behalf before and We are always willing to hold them. It's a great way for people to learn about a certain brand and works particularly well within review posts. We have had great engagement from them, both the brand and Ourselves have always been happy with the outcome. If you would like more information on this you can email us at


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