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Guest Post: 5 Useful Beginner Blogger Tips

Hello you lovely lot and welcome back to another guest post here on Bloggerstribe! Today we have Huda here from talking all about tips for beginner bloggers. We hope you like the post as much as we do!

I have been blogging for about 2.5 years now and I still remember how intimidating it was being a beginner blogger. There are so many tips & tricks out there that it can become quite overwhelming. Today, I will be sharing with you all 5 useful tips that I wish I had known when I first started out and that have genuinely helped me grow my traffic and engagement and will help you do the same!


It took me about a year after I first started blogging before I really started promoting my content on social medias-do not make that mistake. Your post might as well not exist if you are not actively promoting it and all that hard work literally goes down the drain. As a beginner, I would highly suggest starting with Twitter as it has the most supportive blogging community on there with lots of outlets that allow you to share your content. I talk about it in details in my '4 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Twitter!' post. Instagram is also crucial, although it can be quite competitive. Many brands use that platform to find influencers to work with so make sure you are promoting your content and staying active on there. 


The blogging community is growing now more than ever so it is very easy to get lost in the crowd, especially if you are a beginner. In order to avoid that, you need to make sure to get your name out there by engaging with your audience and other bloggers. Blogging is all about giving and taking-you can not simply sit there and expect people to find your content. Reply to comments, read other bloggers content and leave them a nice comment, leave your blog links at the end of comments so that it is easier for others to find your blog, do collaborative posts with other bloggers, stay active on social media. All in all, support others and you will get support back!


I am sure many of you have heard this tip way too many times already but there is a reason for that. The more quality content you post, the more chances there are of people finding your content. You do not need to post every single day of the week, just find a routine that works for you. I post twice a week and it works really well for me as it gives me enough time to ensure my content is not lacking in quality but at the same is consistent.


As a blogger you need to undertake many tasks. Writing blogposts, taking blog photos, promoting content, engaging with others, staying active on social medias are just some activities you will be undertaking. All this can become very overwhelming very fast, especially if you are juggling blogging with a job/school/university. I would highly recommend making to do lists as they really help to prioritize tasks and if you have everything you need to do written down in a list, you are less likely to forget any important tasks and the tasks seem way more do-able that way. Managing your time is also crucial as you need to set deadlines so that you don’t procrastinate and get things done on time. You can check out my post in which I discuss '5 Simple Tips To Stay Organized' if you are someone who struggles with staying organized.


If you are someone who lacks patience, blogging certainly is not for you! There will be times when you will feel like quitting, when your posts aren’t getting the amount of attention you would like them to or your follower base is not growing at the rate you wished for. In those times you have to be patient and keep going. As long as you are passionate about blogging, your hard work will pay off.

Starting my blog was the best decision I ever made! It has its ups and downs but the amount of things I have learnt through it is honestly quite amazing. Do not get demotivated with numbers and just focus on creating the best content and showing your readers that you appreciate their support. Best of luck to all you beginner bloggers reading this post! xx

In the comments, let me know why you starting blogging?


I certainly loved reading this post! It's always great to hear others tips for beginner bloggers. Please go check Huda out over on her social channels - 



  1. I loved reading your blog post! Thank you so much for sharing :) It took me a long time, but i have finally started my blog and i am so relieved that i have. Will be sure to take in your advice!

  2. Firstly thank you so much for this post, really helpful to me.
    To tell you about my story of blogging, I am from a finance background but I always loved to know more about fashion, beauty,health etc. I saw a video of Chloe Malle from Vogue and that made me feel that writing about beauty,fashion something I love and blogging is the only way I can express myself.
    Thanks once again , have a wonderful day !!

  3. Firstly thank you for this post, it's truly helpful to me.
    About why I started blogging, even though I am from a finance background I always loved knowing more about fashion,beauty,health etc. I watched a video of Chloe Malle from Vogur and realised that I love reading and also writing about these topics and my blog is the only way to express myself.
    Thanks once again,have a wonderful day !

    1. That’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing that and I am glad you found your passion and pursued it! 💕

  4. Thanks so much Jodie! ��
    I’m so glad you did and best of luck with your blogging journey! ��

  5. Thank you so much for this post! I have felt like giving up but I've kept going and I feel like I doing so much better now, than when I started blogging (obviously)


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