Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Guest Post: 12 Things To Watch On Netflix

Well hello there! Today we have another guest post and this time it's from Benny over at We really hope you love this (it's definitely gave us some new shows to watch!) 

I'm excited to have the opportunity to guest post for BloggersTribe, they are such a supportive bunch of guys or girls or which ever PC terms you use to describe a group of people. Since being their “Blogger of the Month” for month (and you can check out that post here), I felt it would be nice to do and it gives me experience of guest posting for other sites which is the other best thing about the bloggerstribe community, I hope to have guest postings on my blog in the near future, contact me through social media and via email if is something you would be interested in.

As the title suggests I wanted to do something fun and similar to posts on “Rebuilding Bridges”. the descriptions you can read when you go to watch them.

1. Kiss & Cry

“Kiss & Cry” is one of those pull on heartstring emotional true story films but it is simply amazing and well worth the tears you will cry to see it (really sorry in advanced...)

2. Lift Me Up

“Lift Me Up” is a pull on heartstrings kind of film, but has a happier ending (again sorry in advanced, I love these emotional films)

3. Alexa & Katie (Series)

Alexa & Katie feels like a teen series, but suitable for all ages and deals with very important issues

4. Star Trek Discovery (Series)

A Star Trek Series that isn't just for the geeks!, really appeals to all an has a very strong divers cast including the female lead

5. Gilmore Girls (Series)

If you have not seen or even heard of this series, have you been living under a rock or something! Go watch it now!

6. Gilmore Girls: 

A Year in the Life (Series; but please watch the original before you watch this)

7. The Kissing Booth

I was genuinely nervous about watching this because it starts one of my favourite actresses (and I mean “insert a million heart eyed emojis here” kind of favourite!!)

8. To The Bone

this comes with serious trigger warnings, please DO NOT watch if you're susceptible to triggers

9. Van Helsing (Series)

The name may be familiar to you but this series has a female rather than male lead

10. God's Not Dead 2

This film is about God and Faith but I don't care it is a really great film to watch for anyone not just Christians, it also has a fairly well known cast.

11. Anne With An E (Series)

This is possibly the cutest thing you will watch on Netflix, I adore Anne so much!

12. The Age of Adaline

A really interesting film that is definitely worth a watch

Really hope you enjoy my selection, and keep supporting BloggersTribe they deserve it!

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  1. I adore Gilmore girls, ever since it has been on Netflix I think I have watched it like 3 times and I have it on DVD!

    Kate xx

    1. I'm so happy I get to watch it again and again on Netflix! I absolutely Love Rory, the way they ended the Revival series, my heart still melts and jumps at the same time! hope you get to watch my other choices and thanks for commenting on it


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