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BloggersTribe: Blogger Of The Month

Hello you lovely lot! It's so nice to be back on the blog and celebrating amazing bloggers throughout the community. Our first blogger of the month was the wonderful Faisal and you can read the post HERE. This month we are celebrating Benny from Benny is such a wonderful support to us here at bloggerstribe and he never ceases to put a smile on our faces. 

Benny is such a joy to talk to, hes always been personally supportive of me and it's so heartwarming that he supports bloggerstribe fiercely, He even wrote a post all about us and why he supports us so you should definitely check that out - #Bloggerstribe
I personally can't thank Benny enough for all of the support, it really means the world and that's why he is blogger of the month for us. 

I did a little interview with Benny which you can read below and get to know him a little better - 

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your blog, When did you start and why?

I have lived in Cheshire all of my life, I am a Sandbachian through and through, this place is a huge part of who I am. I've had a difficult second half of my life, having to deal with the loss of my brother at just 14, and being such a lonely person with not many friends and difficulty with education that has made it difficult for finding work. I starting blogging in March 2015 when my life was at a crossroads, I finally had the depression/anxiety diagnosis I needed years and I started attending church for the first time since I lost my brother. I'm not great at communicating my feeling so this felt like a good outlet for me to get stuff out and also wanted to write about my first steps with Christ.

 2. How did you come up with the name of your blog? 

I've had many names my first was Who Am I, my current name comes from the fact I am in the very early stages of my walk with Christ, I still have a long way to go, the blog is way to get me talking more and more that hopefully I'm able to communicate about my faith more, and how life changing God can be for your life in 3 years God has done so much, you would not believe the changes if you met the previous me. Its about the rebuilding of bridges between me and god and his plan for my life

3. What/Who inspires your content? 

my interests, people I support i.e. youtubers like 'The Giraffe's Life' or Rosey Cale, God of course.

4. Do you have any advice for new bloggers? 

do it about things you like, do the blog your way, don't try and fit in with other people, there are so many supportive people out there in the blogging world. you don't have to try to impress them. if you want to make money from blogging great just be careful who or what you work with make sure they are right for you, never judge those who do it as a hobby. same goes for the other way around

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself 

this is possibly a very known fact that I love anything to do with the Royal Family, I absolutely love the Queen, I keep up to date with the visits and meetings through social media, I am a very hearty Royalist

6. Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start again? 

There are countless things I would love to changed, but then I probably wouldn't be where I am today, talking to my amazing blogger friends like Jordanne, Katie & so many more, would rather have the regrets I have had than not to have what I have today (Sorry that's a bit deep haha)

7. Do you have a favourite post you have written to date?

It has to be my interview with Rosey Cale, I am really proud of her and over the last few years she has kept me going through her music, I wanted a way of repaying that as well as doing something fun with my blog, definitely recommend you give her a listen

It was so interesting to read all about Benny and his blog, it's great to find out a little about the blogger behind the blog. I hope that you can all take some time out of your day today and show him some love as he wholeheartedly deserves it. 

Benny's Links:

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