Friday, 26 January 2018

BloggersTribe: Blogger Of The Month

Hello everyone and welcome to a new series here on BloggersTribe. Every month we will be showcasing a Different blogger and For our first ever we have Faisal from Allthingsrunningsite.

Faisal is an amazing part of the blogging community, always going above and beyond to help people, be supportive and brings fresh, new content. Since Faisal joined the blogging world I have had the pleasure of getting to know him and I can't imagine the blogger community without him in it now. I think that's why he is the perfect blogger to start off this series, he truly does deserve all the recognition. 

So let's get started on the interview shall we?

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your blog, When did you start and why? 

My blog is mainly about running which is a passion of mine. I talk about what I have achieved on a weekly basis and my goals for the the following weeks to try and help keep myself motivated. I started my blog on the 30th April 2017 and I decided the I wanted to do a blog to help follow my journey through running because I want to hold on to the memories. I also wanted to blog as I want to encourage people to become more active and exercise more. I also write poems as a hobby as it is something I enjoy and I have some of those on my blog too. I also have one post on my religion.

2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?

As the blog was mainly about running, I just decided to call it all things running to try and make it quite quirky.

3. What/Who inspires your content?

My content is inspired by a desire to help others achieve their goals. I talk about my achievements a lot but one of the main reasons for this is that I hope it motivates, encourages and inspires others. There are also many other people I take inspiration from including my fellow runners especially Paul Addicott, Caithy Walker, Gemma Hockett and Becca Burns who all have amazing blogs. Everyone at my local running club who have always supported me and the blogging community in general because they are amazingly supportive and help me to achieve my goals.

4. Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

The advice I have for new bloggers is to find something you are already passionate about and just write down your thoughts and feelings. If you already have a passion for it you are more likely to want to write about it. I would also say never ever compare yourself or your blog to anyone else. Blogs grow at their own rate and just know that even if you don't have as many views or comments as anyone else, it doesn't mean theirs is better. Everyone has their own style and way of working so learn to love this.

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself.

Random fact is I also love playing football

6. Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start again?

The one thing I would do differently is make time to write more posts more often even if it is just 1 hour a week. I think that would help to engage my readers more.

7. Do you have a favourite post you have written to date?

I have 2 favourite posts. The first one was talking about fasting during Ramadan as I feel its really important to try and help educate other people I know if I was a reader that would be the type of blog post I would really like to read. The second post is a poem on kindness. Even though it wasn't one of my poems, I really think it sends a beautiful message to humanity on how to treat one another with kindness, love and respect.

Thank you so much to Faisal for taking part in our blogger of the month interview, he is such an amazing part of the blogging community and I really do recommend everyone goes and follows him. Here's where you can find Faisal -

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