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BloggersTribe Christmas Tag: Zoe (@WithanOceanview)

Hello and welcome back to our Blogmas Christmas Tag, a fun way to get to know some of the members of the Bloggers Tribe community! Today we're back with Zoe (@WithanOceanview)! When we first asked her to get involved, she jumped at the chance. Shall we look at her post?


·         Put on our Christmas Playlist on Spotify (link here) to listen to while answering!
·         Answer our 12 questions
·         Add 2 questions of your own
·         Have a Christmas drink and/or snack
·         Tag 4 more bloggers to take part
·         Take a picture in your favourite Christmas jumper and send it to us for our Round Up post! We want to see everyone who takes part! (Photo doesn’t have to include your face if you don’t want it to – just take a pic of your jumper 😊 )

 Standard Questions:

When do you start thinking about Christmas?

January 1st. Haha I joke, actually I think about Christmas all year round, whenever I use or see a gift I got the previous Christmas I'm reminded of the great day and time I had with the ones I love and it's Christmas, it's a magical time of year so why wouldn't I want to think about every other day of the year.

What has been your most memorable Christmas present to date? (good or bad?!)

Greatest gift would have to be last year, I really wanted the Funko Pop Sam and Dean Winchesters Vinyls and I didn't know whether I was going to get them, when I opened them I cried, I was very happy. I have never had a bad gift.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Not really but I bake and watch tonnes of Christmas movies every Christmas so I suppose that's a tradition.

Which Christmas film is the greatest of them all?

The Grinch. The Grinch. The Grinch Grinch Grinch! I literally love this movie, it's the first Christmas movie and only one I've seen at the cinema, it was magical.

You have an empty seat at your Christmas table on Christmas day- who do you invite and why? Can be absolutely anyone!

Honestly. I'd give it to someone who either doesn't have a table to sit round at Christmas, or someone who has no-one around their Christmas table.

Where in your house does your Christmas tree go each year?

It goes in the living room but never in the same place, every year it rotates round the room. Hahaha!

Name the top 3 songs on your Christmas party playlist
1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    2. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
    3. Fairytale of New York

Who is the hardest person you’ve ever had to buy a Christmas present for?

Nick, he is a nightmare. He is a gamer and I just don't have that kind of money. Haha I joke, I never know what to get him. Thankfully everything I have got him he has loved.

When do you eat your Christmas dinner, and what all is on your menu?

I usually make Christmas dinner for about 1-2ish and it's Turkey, Roast Potatoes, all the Veg including Sprouts, is it even Christmas dinner if there are no Sprouts? Stuffing and I like Yorkshire puddings with my dinner. Then lots of alcohol and Chocolate after. 

What’s your favourite Christmas related quote?

It's from The Grinch - 'Maybe Christmas', he thought, 'doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.'

Are you a wrapping paper person, or boxes and bags? Or are you a mix?

I am a hardcore wrapping paper person, I can wrap the hell out presents, I pride myself on it really. I am very proud of my wrapping skills, I look forward to it a lot at Christmas hahaha!

What makes Christmas so special to you?

I want to say 'because it is' haha. Christmas is special to me because it's the time of year where you get to be with family, friends and loved one, for me it's snuggling on the couch with my man and my babies, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies, it's special because it's something we completely lose ourselves in and it's such a magical time of the year.

My questions:

13. What do you love to do most at Christmas?

I love to bake at Christmas, every thing cupcakes, cakes, cookies and mince pies. Smelling all those Christmas smells I love it and it's such a great thing to do with the girls now they're getting older. 

14. If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would you spend it?

I would spend it somewhere where it snows, in a cabin somewhere with an open fire and we all wear thick knitted jumpers, drink steaming hot chocolate with huge marshmallows and watch the snow falling, that would be my dream Christmas.

I would like to tag:

I don't have a picture of me in a Christmas jumper so here I give you two throwbacks from my childhood Christmas. Me with Santa Claus and me getting a Barbie I clearly wanted. 

Thank you so much to Zoe for taking part in our Christmas Tag! Remember to check out her links below, and also those tagged to take part! Want to take part in our tag? Simply copy the questions, write your post, and remember to use our hashtag and we'll share it around Twitter for you!

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