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BloggersTribe Christmas Tag: Gemma (@gcabray)

Hi everyone! I hope you are having an amazing December, it's definitely going quick and I can not believe it's already the 5th December. Today you have me, Gemma from An Ocean Glimmer for the BloggersTribe Christmas Tag! I am very happy to share with you my answers, I've most definitely now got into the Christmas spirit. You can check out my blog here: An Ocean Glimmer (https://anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com/), I am doing Blogmas this month so there's a post going up each day. I hope you enjoy this post and if you do, why not join in!?


·         Put on our Christmas Playlist on Spotify (link here) to listen to while answering!
·         Answer our 12 questions
·         Add 2 questions of your own
·         Have a Christmas drink and/or snack
·         Tag 4 more bloggers to take part
·         Take a picture in your favourite Christmas jumper and send it to us for our Round Up post! We want to see everyone who takes part! (Photo doesn’t have to include your face if you don’t want it to – just take a pic of your jumper 😊 )

 Standard Questions:

1.When do you start thinking about Christmas?I start thinking about Christmas after 25th November, you can't start planning Christmas until after your Birthday! This has always been a thing for me, I can't really remember what started it, I don't leave my presents til this date though. I hate the mad rush of Christmas.

2.What has been your most memorable Christmas present to date (good or bad!)?Hmm, a tricky one as I don't really remember my presents! I think because I've always had joint presents, Birthday and Christmas, they merge into one. I'm guessing I don't have any memorable presents then.

3.Do you have any Christmas traditions?When I lived in Plymouth, I did have a few traditions, like Dad always cooking the Christmas dinner, Mum gets to decorate the tree (this was normally always done whenever we were in school), I always have a toffee or chocolate sponge (I dislike Christmas pudding) but I'm not sure now how many of these will be kept this year as I no longer live with my parents

4.Which Christmas film is the greatest of them all?This is a tricky question! I don't think I've got one favourite... I love The Polar Express, I haven't watched that in forever but I also love The Santa Claus. 

5.You have an empty seat at your table on Christmas Day – who do you invite and why? Can be absolutely anyone!Absolutely anyone!? Woow, there's definitely a long list there! Would I choose someone from a film? Or what about someone from motorsports. Hmm, who would be the funniest? I think Ryan Reynolds would be pretty hilarious! If his acting as Deadpool has anything to go by. 

6.Where in your house does your Christmas Tree go each year?The Christmas Tree has always gone on the cabinet at the very back of our living room, with having a puppy and a 4ft tree this was always the best position. Now we've moved, I'm not sure where it will be going for my parents. Me on the other hand, I get to choose where I want it at my Uncle's. I feel it will go in the corner, I've also got my little one that will sit on my desk in my room.

7.Name the top 3 songs on your Christmas Party Playlist
Last Christmas - Wham!Christmas Lights - ColdplayMerry Christmas Everyone - Shakin' Stevens

8.Who is the hardest person you’ve ever had to buy a Christmas present for?The hardest person to buy for would definitely be my Mum, she never knows what she wants! I'm always asking but she can never give me any ideas. I think I'm just as bad though, people are always asking me but I never know!

9.When do you eat your Christmas dinner, and what is on your menu?With my parents, we have always eaten dinner mid-day, which is strange as we normally have dinner in the evening. There are all kinds of things on our menu, including the meat, all the veg, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and stuffing. There are always different things to have for pudding, including trifle, toffee sponge, minced pies, anything Christmas related, to be honest.

10.What’s your favourite Christmas related quote?
"Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"
–Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

11.Are you a wrapping paper person, or boxes and bags? Or are you a mix?I would say I'm a mixture! It all depends on the shape of a present. If it's something easy to wrap, then I will, but if it's a tricky shape then I'll put it in a bag or decorative box. I'm not a massive fan of wrapping presents and you can't always get simple shaped presents.

12.What makes Christmas so special to you?Christmas allows you to unwind and enjoy some time with your friends and family. I love just having that one day of the year where we are all together can eat all the food in the world also kick back and watch a movie. Especially as I am always gifted one from my parents.

I hope you liked these questions! Thank you Bloggers Tribe for some great questions, it's definitely got me into the Christmas spirit!

Now, onto two of my own questions that I would love for you to answer in the comments:
1.What's your favourite thing about Christmas?2.What's the most special thing that happens on Christmas Day?

I would love to tag:
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And to finish off let's get festive by getting out those Christmas jumpers! 


Thank you so much to Gemma for taking part in our Christmas Tag! Want to take part in our tag? Simply copy the questions, write your post, and remember to use our hashtag and we'll share it around Twitter for you! 


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